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Hemorrhoids in Kids: Can Your Baby Be Saved From This Serious Condition?

Hemorrhoids in Kids: Can Your Baby Be Saved From This Serious Condition?

Admin Jun 02, 2022

Hemorrhoids in Kids: Hemorrhoids or piles, by whatever name you call the problem, but the discomfort it causes is enough to bother you for a long time. Piles is a common disease, which usually occurs in adults. Although hemorrhoids can affect both men and women, people who have chronic constipation, diarrhea, or women who are pregnant are at increased risk of developing hemorrhoids.

Today we are going to tell you such a thing related to Hemorrhoids, which may surprise you. We are going to talk about hemorrhoids in the baby. If you think that the problem of hemorrhoids occurs only in adults, then you are wrong, because it is possible for a baby to have hemorrhoids in Babies. Before getting more information about it, know the important things about Hemorrhoids.

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What is the condition of hemorrhoids? (Hemorrhoids in Kids)

Hemorrhoids are a condition in which the veins near the rectum or anus become swollen. Internal hemorrhoids cause swelling of the anus, similar to swelling near the opening of the anus in external hemorrhoids. appears.

Although this may give you discomfort, there are many ways to fix it. In most cases, the problem of hemorrhoids is due to increased pressure around the anus, besides constipation is one such reason that can cause hemorrhoids.

In the problem of hemorrhoids, a person starts seeing hard lumps around the anus, which sometimes may have to be removed through surgery. This was the talk of hemorrhoids, but now let’s talk about hemorrhoids in babies What is the reason after all? What are the problems due to which the problem of hemorrhoids is seen in the baby.

Hemorrhoids in Kids Causes

If you are seeing the problem of hemorrhoids in children, then you need not panic. Although hemorrhoids are a rare condition in a baby, it can be treated. There can be many reasons for having Hemorrhoids in Babies, the first of which is –

1. Constipation:

Due to constipation in the baby, there is pressure on the veins present around the rectal area. This can lead to hemorrhoids.

2. Diarrhea:

If the baby is passing stools frequently, it puts pressure on the hemorrhoid tissue, which can lead to piles.

3. Poor Bowel Movement Training:

Sometimes toddlers are given wrong toilet training, due to which children can fall prey to hemorrhoids. There may be swelling around the area. In such a situation, the problem of Hemorrhoids in Babies is seen in the baby.

This information was about the causes of hemorrhoids in the baby, but now we know about the symptoms of hemorrhoids in the baby.

Hemorrhoids in Kids symptoms

Hemorrhoids in Kids

Understanding hemorrhoids in a baby can be very difficult, as babies cannot explain the problem on their own. That’s why you may need to pay attention to hemorrhoids in your baby. Although this is a rare condition, you should pay attention to these symptoms if you notice swelling near the baby’s anus area. Just as the symptoms of hemorrhoids bother an adult, similar symptoms of hemorrhoids can be seen in babies. These symptoms include –

  • Blood in stool
  • Mucus from anus
  • Baby crying during bowel movement
  • Hard and dry stool

After seeing these symptoms, if you think that the problem of Hemorrhoids in Babies has happened in the baby, then you should immediately go to the pediatrician and get the child treated. If you see blood coming in your child’s potty, So you should get the necessary checkup done to detect Hemorrhoids in Babies in your baby. After this, the doctor can give medicine to cure the pain in the child as soon as possible. Let us now know how hemorrhoids in the baby can be cured.

Hemorrhoids in Kids Treatment

As we have told you earlier, the first and biggest cause of hemorrhoids is constipation, so it is very important for you to know what the child is taking in his diet throughout the day. Sometimes the problem of Hemorrhoids in Babies is also seen due to poor diet.

If your baby is breast-feeding, then it is difficult for him to have constipation. But if the baby is taking formula milk and gradually you are giving him solid food, then the problem of constipation can be seen in your baby.

On the other hand, in older children, constipation can occur due to poor fiber intake, due to not drinking the right amount of water and due to lack of exercise.

To cure Hemorrhoids in Babies, you should take the help of a pediatrician as soon as possible. Generally, to overcome the problem of hemorrhoids in the baby, you can add these things to the baby’s diet –

  • Plenty of water
  • Apple, Pear Juice
  • Multigrain, Barley Serial

Apart from constipation, there is another problem that can cause hemorrhoids in the baby and the name of this problem is anal fissure. If you see blood while cleaning your baby’s anus, then your child may be suffering from anal fissure. Anal fissure is a self-healing problem, but every parent needs to clean the anal area carefully while changing the baby’s diaper.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can cure the problem of Hemorrhoids in Babies in some special and effective ways. These include –

  • Increase fiber in your baby’s diet
  • Do not let the problem of dehydration in the child
  • Increase Beverages and Juices
  • Use soft, wet wipes to clean baby’s anal area
  • Use petroleum jelly during bowel movement

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