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Injection Sclerotherapy

Injection Sclerotherapy in Bharatpur

Injection Sclerotherapy is a technique typically recommended for the treatment of small, internal, 1st or 2nd degree haemorrhoids. In this operation, a proctoscope is gently inserted into the anus and liquid medication is administered into the region around the swollen haemorrhoids to scar off the inflamed tissue, decreasing the blood flow of haemorrhoids and thereby decreasing the haemorrhoids.

This treatment is generally used for people who do not respond favourably to the procedure of home haemorrhoids, or for internal haemorrhoids who are not prepared to undergo Banding or Rubber Band Ligation treatment.

Other situations in which Injection Sclerotherapy may be used include the treatment of haemorrhoids with bleeding, or in situations where the wellbeing of the patient is of concern, whereas invasive procedures such as hemorrhoidectomy are in danger.

Injection sclerotherapy for haemorrhoids that have been prolapsed or externalised is not suggested. A more intensive surgical technique is required in such cases.

What conditions does sclerotherapy treat?

To treat varicose veins, sclerotherapy is most commonly used. Chronic venous insufficiency is also known as varicose veins. Varicose veins occur when, normally in the legs, the veins swell and bulge. This is due to weak walls of the veins that, in turn, weaken the valves of the veins. As a consequence, the veins are pooled with blood, causing them to swell and appear different.

Varicose veins can be uncomfortable and can, like rashes, cause skin problems. Sclerotherapy decreases the symptoms of vein damage by narrowing the veins, which makes varicose veins less visible and less painful.

Some other conditions are also treated with sclerotherapy, including:

  • Haemorrhoids: When other therapies fail, sclerotherapy can be used. Haemorrhoids happen when the blood vessels around the rectum swell and become swollen, causing discomfort and painful bowel movements.
  • Malformed lymph vessels: Some vessels contain lymphatic fluid or lymph, which helps combat infections in the immune system.
  • Hydroceles: In a body cavity, a hydrocele is an unhealthy growth of fluid. In the testicles, hydroceles are popular.

When to consider sclerotherapy

The treatment is not required for anyone who has spider veins or any disorder that can be treated with sclerotherapy. To decide if it is appropriate, people should discuss their symptoms and treatment options with their doctor.

There could be more affordable and less invasive options for other options. For instance, haemorrhoids also respond well to non-prescription treatments. This can involve improvements in lifestyle, such as consuming more fibre and not straining while a bowel movement is carried out

Sclerotherapy should be considered by people with spider veins when:

  • The veins are painful since.
  • The legs feel sore or slow.
  • The skin is patchy or dry on the legs or feet.
  • A rash develops along the veins.

Risks of Sclerotherapy

Secure treatment is sclerotherapy. As it does not require anaesthesia, it is a less invasive and dangerous choice than surgery. Research shows that in 75-90 per cent of cases, it eliminates spider veins successfully, but usually requires several procedures. Additional therapies, like surgery, may be required when sclerotherapy does not work.

Bruising, redness, and discomfort near the injected vein are among the most common negative reactions to sclerotherapy. Tiny branches of blood vessels surrounding the inserted vein are formed by around a third of people. Usually, these vessels disappear on their own.

A person can experience allergic reactions to the solution, burning of the vein, and changes in skin colour less frequently. Small air bubbles can also reach the bloodstream from the needle, causing changes in vision, headache, and nausea. Very rarely, in the treated vein, a blood clot can form. If left untreated, blood clots may move to areas of the body and become life-threatening. It can cause an embolism if a blood clot moves. If they experience chest pain, trouble breathing, or dizziness after sclerotherapy, people should seek emergency care.

The Procedure of Injection Sclerotherapy

You’ll lie on your back with your legs slightly extended for the operation. Your doctor will use a fine needle to slowly inject a solution into the required vein after cleaning the region to be treated with alcohol. The solution acts by irritating the lining of the vein, usually in liquid form, causing it to swell shut and impede the flow of blood. A local anaesthetic called lidocaine is present in certain solutions.

The vein will gradually become scar tissue and will vanish. Often, particularly when a larger vein is involved, a foam form of the solution can be used. More surface area than liquid appears to be filled by foam. When the needle is inserted into the vein, certain individuals feel mild stinging or cramping. If you have lots of pain, tell your doctor. If the solution leaks from the vein into surrounding tissue, pain can occur.

Your doctor applies compression after the needle is removed and massages the area to keep blood out of the inserted vessel and distribute the solution. To keep the area compressed as the doctor moves on to the next vein, a compression pad may be taped onto the injection site. The number of injections depends on the quantity and duration of the veins under treatment.


You should usually expect to see conclusive results in three to six weeks if you have been treated for small varicose veins or spider veins. Three to four months may require larger veins. Multiple treatments can, however, be required to obtain the outcomes you want.

Generally, veins that respond to therapy don’t come back, but new veins can appear. To check the progress of the procedure and determine if additional sessions are required, your doctor will likely arrange a follow-up appointment around a month after the procedure. Generally, before undergoing another sclerotherapy session, you need to wait for about six weeks.

Advantages of Injection Sclerotherapy

  • Treatment for haemorrhoids of the 1st or 2nd degree.
  • The use of simple injections is a relatively non-invasive technique.
  • In this process, swelling or infections are uncommon.
  • Suitable for patients with wellbeing concerns.
  • In a single session, it can be used to treat several haemorrhoids.
  • Easy outpatient care with a long history of care of haemorrhoids.
  • The treatment is less costly than other more invasive procedures.
  • The treatment works rapidly and results can be seen immediately after the continuing.

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