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Keyhole Surgery for Kidney Stone

Keyhole Surgery for Kidney Stone in Bharatpur

The preferred technique for treating larger kidney stones (over 2 cm in diameter) found inside the kidney is Percutaneous NephroLithotomy (PCNL). This involves keyhole surgery that is carried out in the skin through a 1 cm incision. A mini-PERC is close in method, but due to having smaller cameras, improved stone lasers, and advanced instruments, it reflects a refinement in the technique. The incision made in the skin is much smaller which helps patient healing to be faster which results in a safer procedure.

Why this required

Patients need to identify these incidents and know when to contact their physician, while negative outcomes are uncommon following PCNL. If any of the following occur, you if contact your surgeon or primary care doctor immediately:

  • Worsening of pain during the subsequent days following PCNL. This can suggest obstruction of the kidney from a large stone fragment embedded inside the ureter, hematoma around the kidney, or inflammation of the kidney if this pain becomes worse despite the use of oral pain medication.
  • Large amounts of blood clots in the urine can lead to trouble emptying the bladder and completely emptying it.
  • Chest pain or breathing problems
  • Dizziness and vomiting

Keyhole Surgery for Larger Kidney stones (PCNL) is recommended if any of these problems occur.

How had this procedure done Pain in the back, belly, or side

one of the most extreme kinds of pain imaginable is kidney stone pain, also known as renal colic. The discomfort is related to childbirth or being stabbed with a knife by certain people who have had kidney stones. The pain is severe enough to account for over 1 million emergency room visits per year. When a stone moves into the small ureter, the pain usually begins. This triggers a blockage, which triggers the kidney to build up pressure. Nerve fibers that send pain signals to the brain are stimulated by pressure. Often, kidney stone pain begins unexpectedly. The pain changes position and strength as the stone moves.

Pain or burning during urination

Once the stone hits the ureter-bladder junction, when you urinate, you can start to experience discomfort. This may be considered dysuria by your doctor. It can make the pain feel acute or burning. You could mistake it for a urinary tract infection if you don’t know you have a kidney stone. Often, along with the stone, you may get an infection.

Blood in the urine

In people with urinary tract stones, blood in the urine is a common symptom. Hematuria is sometimes referred to as this symptom. The blood can be brown or red. Often, without a microscope, the blood cells are too tiny to see (called microscopic hematuria), but your doctor might be able to monitor for this symptom.

Fever and chills

Fever and chills are symptoms that your kidney or some part of your urinary tract has an infection. A kidney stone may be a significant complication of this. Besides kidney stones, it may also be a symptom of other extreme issues. Every painful fever needs immediate medical treatment. Fevers occurring with an infection are normally high-100.4 F (38 C) or more. Along with the fever, chills or shivering also occur.

The disadvantage of Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty as compared to conventional surgery

  • There are no disadvantages compared to conventional methods when working with large, complex stones.
  • Improvements in procedures and equipment have made it possible for subspecialty-trained surgeons to perform this type of operation more safely.
  • Gold-standard for the treatment of extremely large or complex stones, and in one kidney for patients with many smaller stones.
  • Secure and efficient
  • Capable of absolutely clearing most stones with one operation.
  • Enables the handling of large or difficult stones in a minimally invasive way, which would have involved a large incision and a longer hospital stay in the past.
  • The stay at the hospital is now 2-4 days, and the recovery period outside the hospital is considerably shorter than conventional open surgical methods.

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